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Development: Eko Energy Estate – Eko Atlantic

Eko Energy Estate, Phase 1

  • Name: Eko Energy Estate
  • Location: Eko Atlantic City, (Northwestern Corner)
  • Size: 45 Hectares
  • Use: Residential
  • Contractor: CFE
  • Developers: Satellite Oil and Gas (Intels, Orlean Invest) 
  • Phase 1: Three 21 Floor Residential Towers
  • Units: 260

The Eko Energy Estate is real estate development spanning over 45ha. located in the Northwestern corner of the Eko Atlantic. It will be closer to Victoria Island and situated between the channel entrance of Lagos harbour and the ocean waterfront. The first phase will include three 21 floor residential towers with 260 flexible apartments, built using a modular system allowing for 1 – 4 bedroom units.

Source: Orlean Invest

Source: Orlean Invest

According to the developers, it will have underground parking facilities in front of the building and a dedicated power plant to supply the estate’s needs. The Sports and Leisure center located within the estate also intends to offer recreational facilities to all its residents, while serving as a public ground where commerce, social interaction and leisure activities can mix.

The developers are keen on working closely with Lagos State to integrate transport initiatives within Lagos including rail and especially water, to take advantage of Eko Energy Estate’s waterfront location.

Those behind the entire Eko Atlantic City have noted that the market for this development is not just wealthy Nigerians, as they will be targeting young middle class professionals through the inclusion of multiple 1 bedroom units.

The Eko Energy Estate is a small component of the larger $6bn Eko Atlantic City development and facilities in Eko Atlantic City that will be in close proximity to the Eko Energy Estate include:

  • Business district spread over some 700,000sqm for Nigerian and international companies.
  • The Marina, which will serve as the recreational center of Eko Atlantic City, a home for residents and a center for leisure and social activities.
  • International school, International Hospital and Shopping Mall. 
Image Source: Orlean Invest

Image Source: Orlean Invest

Eko Energy Estate. Image Source: Intels

Eko Energy Estate. Image Source: Intels

Eko Energy Estate. Image Source: Intels

Eko Energy Estate. Image Source: Intels

Eko Energy Estate

Eko Energy Estate, Image Source: Intels

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