July 17, 2019

Estate Intel Ongoing Construction Projects Service

Damilare Ogundahunsi

Looking for development projects to sell to? Get updates on Nigerian Construction Projects, including details of the project team’s contact information in just a few clicks.

With our Ongoing Construction Projects Service, you can access our constantly updated database of new and upcoming building projects in Nigeria from your phone or computer.

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Never scout around for development projects again.

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Can I schedule a live demo for my company?

Yes, you can. Click the ‘Schedule a Live Demo’ button at the bottom of this page to have us visit your office and give a live demonstration of how the service works.

What kind of information can I access when I sign up?

You’ll be able to access a comprehensive database of Ongoing Projects across Nigeria with specific information like Project Name, Developer, Exact location on a live map (including geo-code), Architect, Main Contractor, Engineers, Project Manager and much more.

Are the Construction Projects new or ongoing?

Construction projects include both conceptual and ongoing projects.

How often are the projects updated?

New construction projects are added to the platform on a day-to-day basis, so you have the latest and up-to-date information.

Do I get support after signing up?

You are assigned a designated success team that you can reach out to for any questions or comments. We also onboard you onto our platform through a deep dive session and walk you through the features.

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