Real Estate and Hospitality Market In The New Normal: The Challenges, The Opportunities and The Future.

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About Real Estate and Hospitality Market In The New Normal: The Challenges, The Opportunities and The Future.

As the global economy is gradually reopening and strategies are being put in place to shift to exploring post-pandemic possibilities, Nigeria is doing its best to adapt to the new normal and Real Estate & Hospitality market will definitely change revealing new challenges, opportunities and the Future of this sector.

The new normal varies depending on each asset class in the Nigerian Real Estate sector and this variation will largely dependent on the terms of demand,  design & construction, lease arrangement & management, mode of inspection and legal drafting.

The Commercial sector will be largely affected due to work from home(WFH), virtual meetings, trainings and other technological innovations.

In the post pandemic, the real estate expert believes the design and construction style of office spaces will begin to shift from open plan to cellular & partitioned offices due to less demand for it arising from remote working and social distancing measures. (BusinessDayOnline).

In this webinar, our firm selected speakers from different sectors of this market to discuss on the Challenges, opportunities and future of Real Estate & Hospitality Market in the new normal.

Target Audience

  1. Property Investors ( Developers)
  2. Property Agents
  3. Estate agents and valuers
  4. Lawyers in Real Estate practice
  5. Potential investors
  6. General public

Learning Objectives

At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to

  1. Discuss overview of the Nigerian Real Estate and Hospitality market;
  2. Explain Challenges facing this market;
  3. Identify opportunities in this market;
  4. Discuss the future of real estate & Hospitality market in Nigeria
  5. Apply the principles in their business in order to thrive in the new normal.

Date & Time

September 15, 2020
11:00 am WAT

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