September 4, 2019

Find Land Prices With ei Web App’s Land Prices Feature

Damilare Ogundahunsi

Find land prices in 120 areas across 6 African countries using the ei Web App. In this article, we’ll show you how to get information on land prices in Africa using the Web App.

The best thing about this is the feature is currently free

Get Started

To get started, log in to the ei Web App. If you don’t have an account, sign up for free.

After login, you will be taken to the Dashboard. Hover your mouse on the ‘Database’ button at the top of the page and click on ‘Land Prices’ in the drop-down list (check the video below).

(Tip: Switch video to full-screen mode).


Land Prices Feature Layout

On the Land Prices page, you’ll see a list split into seven columns. To decide which columns you want to see, simply click on the ‘Select Column’ tab at the top right of the list (highlighted in red below).

Select Column Ei Web App Land Pricing Feature


Select Columns To Display

A drop-down will be revealed after you click, and you can select which columns you’re interested in. However, you can only select 7 columns at a time. (Note: These three columns are pre-selected for you: Area, Lower Limit(per m²) and Upper Limit(per m²).

Pre-selected boxes in ei Web App Select Column feature

After selecting another 4 columns, click on ‘Select Columns’ to see your results.


Example: Search For Land Prices in Kenya

As an example, we’ll check for land prices in Kenya.

Select Country

Click on ‘COUNTRY’ at the top left of the list to select the country – in this case, Kenya.

 Country Filter in the ei Web App Land Pricing feature

Select ‘Kenya’ in the drop-down, and click on ‘Apply Filter’. The list will be modified and you will only see a list of land prices for various areas in Kenya.

Land prices in Kenya on the ei Web App

Here’s how to find land prices with the ei Web App. As at the time of this writing, we only have land prices in 6 African countries, but they are constantly being updated daily.


If you need help using any of the ei Web App’s features, contact us using the chat icon at the bottom right of this page.

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