Signal Alliance launches CloudGo, a productivity suite for SMEs

Signal Alliance, a leading system integrator, today announced the launch of a new product called CloudGo built on the Microsoft cloud platform and targeted at small and medium scale businesses. CloudGo comprises of digital workplace tools bundled with managed support. The value delivered by this solution is the power to engage customers, reduced cost on IT infrastructure, enhanced collaboration and improved productivity.

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Market shocks jolt Kenya’s real estate sector

Some house projects have stalled, others have failed to take off while those complete have no buyers, pointing to a depressed real estate industry in Kenya. New house prices are also shrinking, the number of houses being auctioned due to defaulting in loan repayment are on the rise and mortgage uptake has stagnated, with the turmoil in the industry hurting property developers as much as buyers.

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‘Parliament approved $200m loan for 5,000 units’ Saglemi Housing Project

Parliament documents intercepted by the Daily Graphic indicate that the House did, indeed, approve a $200 million loan agreement for the construction of 5,000 housing units for the Saglemi Housing project in Accra on October 31, 2012.

The documents have challenged the claim by officials of the erstwhile National Democratic Congress (NDC) government that the $200 million loan facility was only for the first phase of the project, which involved the construction of 1,502 housing units.

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Nigeria offers tax incentives to encourage investment in road construction – Government

Xinhua citing, the Nigerian government as saying that it will grant tax incentives to investors willing to fund the construction of major road projects across the country. The official News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) quoted finance minister Zainab Ahmed as saying that any company who funds road construction will get tax credit or reduction equal to the amount invested in the projects.

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An inside look at Kenya’s private housing sector

Kenya’s housing market has long defied basic economics of supply and demand as developers scramble to build high-end homes targeting a small pool of wealthy families while neglecting the rest of the market where demand is highest.

Most of the targeted affluent families, constituting only a small fraction of the country’s population, are already homeowners, anyway.

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