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Lagos Land Registry Commissions Thompson Reuters Suite to Improve Title Perfection Process

Lagos Skyline. Instagram: images by omidire

Lagos Skyline. Instagram: images by omidire

On the 6th of July, Governor Ambode commissioned the upgraded and redesigned Land Registry of the State as part of new reforms put in place to re-position land administration for efficiency. The new registry is equipped with a Thomson Reuters suite of technology modules designed to:

  • Conduct rapid inventory of actual/existing land rights,
  • Automate and manage land records,
  • Ensure integration of geographic data/Survey,
  • Provide online consummation of all levels of services rendered by the Lands Bureau.

In addition to this, a new system dubbed the ‘Land Administration Campus’ is also being piloted. It involves bringing all agencies and Ministries involved in Land Administration including the Office of the State Surveyor General, Ministry of Physical Planning & Urban Development and the Lands Bureau to one location/office complex to fast-track processing of land titles.

Speaking on the new system, Governor Ambode said:

“With this new registry, we will streamline the process of registering title[s] and remove the bottlenecks previously associated with the process. The redesigned layout of the registry makes it more service friendly to all who have land transactions to process.”

Over the past three years, Lagos State has attempted to improve the land acquisition and title perfection process by reducing land transaction fees and introducing a draft bill to consolidate all land registration related laws into one legislative document. While the initiatives have been received well, many stakeholders still face challenges in the title perfection process.

According to data published by the Lands Bureau, a total of 11,034 land titles including 4,602 Certificates of Occupancy (CofO), 6,118 Governor’s Consent and 314 Deemed Grant Consents have been signed and issued within the last two years.

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