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Lamudi’s Insight into Residential Real Estate in Lagos

Lamudi recently released their flagship barometer for Lagos’ residential real estate market. It provides new insight into preferences of prospective home buyers/renters as well as rental and sale values for various locations across Lagos.

One interesting finding from the report is large disparity between what is in demand and what is being supplied.

The report shows that 58% of people are in search of rented apartments, however 41% of supply is dominated by houses for sale.

The gap this report illustrates is useful to many developers who are trying to tackle the residential real estate segment, as it provides some direction on what the preferences are. However, it is important to note that the data collated is only based on properties listed on the Lamudi platform, which represent a small sample size/portion of Lagos’ real estate market.

See more in the report below or download it and many others from the ei Real Estate Report Centre.