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Nigerian Real Estate, Economic & Demographic Data

  • June 2017 Inflation: 16.1%

  • Monetary Policy Rate: 14%

  • 2016 Population (IMF): 183,636,000

  • 2017:Q1 GDP Growth: -0.52%

  • 2016 GDP Growth: -1.58%

  • 2016 Expected GDP Per Capita (IMF): $2,260.345

  • 2017:Q1 Real Estate GDP Growth: -3.10%

  • 2017:Q1 Construction GDP Growth: 0.15%

  • 2017:Q1 Wholesale & Retail Trade GDP Growth: -3.08%

Nigeria GDP Growth (NBS*)

Nigeria GDP Growth Estimate (IMF*)

Nigeria GDP Per Capita in USD (IMF)

Nigeria Inflation Rate (CBN*)

Monetary Policy Rate (CBN)

Nigeria Population (IMF)

Nigeria Urbanisation Rate (World Bank)

Nigeria Population Age Distribution (UN)

Nigeria Real Estate Sector GDP Growth (NBS)

Nigeria Real Estate Sector GDP Contribution (NBS)

Nigeria Construction Sector GDP Growth (NBS)

Nigeria Construction Sector GDP Contribution (NBS)

Nigeria Wholesale & Retail Trade GDP Growth (NBS)

Nigeria Wholesale & Retail Trade GDP Contribution (NBS)

Total Pension Assets & Total Pension Assets in Real Estate, Private Equity and Infrastructure (PENCOM)

  • NBS - Nigerian Bureau of Statistics
  • IMF - International Monetary Fund
  • CBN - Central Bank of Nigeria
  • UN - United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
  • PENCOM - National Pension Commission
  • Data for November 2014 was not provided by PENCOM. The average growth rate for the preceding 12 months was used to derive November 2014 data points.
  • Full Year Nominal GDP data points for the Real Estate, Construction and Trade Sectors were not explicitly provided for 2013FY and 2014FY. These figures were derived and calculated based on the data provided in the Quarterly GDP Reports.