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Millennium Tower and Cultural Centre

Name: Millennium Tower and Cultural Center 
Location: Central District, Abuja
Height: 170 meters (Millennium Tower) 
Use: Mixed Use
Status: Under Construction
Developer: Federal Government
Contractor: Salini Nigeria Limited
Cost: N69.3bn

The Millennium Tower and Cultural Centre project is one of the many real estate projects in the Central District of Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja and it is set to be the tallest building in Nigeria. The tower was designed by Manfredi Nicoletti and is part of the Nigeria National Complex which includes the Nigeria Cultural Centre and Municipal Building. The Millennium Tower component, which symbolises the unity and strength of the Nigerian state is a 170 metre structure in height, and stands on three concrete cylinders that carry a revolving Panoramic Restaurant and Belvedere (Viewing Platform) at 110 metres above the ground. It shall dominate the skyline of Abuja and the rays of its powerful laser spot lights are designed to be seen more than 50 kilometres from the city centre.

This complex which is still under construction is located in the central business district of Abuja, between the National Mosque and the National Christian centre. The property is being built by Salini Nigeria Limited.

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Millennium Tower, Abuja

Millennium Tower and Cultural Center, Summer 2014. Image Source:

Millennium Tower and Cultural Center, Summer 2014. Image Source:

Millennium Tower and Cultural Center, Summer 2014. Image Source:

Millennium Tower and Cultural Center, Summer 2014. Image Source:



  • Toyosi

    wow beautiful

  • Jim w

    Hi, do you reckon once finished it would be a famous landmark?

  • Jim w

    And if i may ask, what other landmarks are there in Nigeria? just trying to learn a bit more before our visit later this year

    • Thanks for you interest! Yes it certainly will be a landmark. However to make sure it remains one it will need to be maintained properly. The National theatre in Lagos is also a landmark but it hasn’t been maintained well. Still one nonetheless.
      Calabar is another wonderful place in Nigeria. In Cross River state you’ll find what is known as the worlds 2nd best preserved forest with a vast array of wild animals.
      There are still many others across the country!
      Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss a post about another landmark. 🙂

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