Cuddle by Cadwell, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

8, Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

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Cappa & D'Alberto

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Consultants Collaborative Partnership



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Consultants Collaborative Partnership

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Consultants Collaborative Partnership

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Cuddle by Cadwell is an 18-floor ultra-luxury residential development located at #8 Bourdillon, on the corner of Oniru and Bourdillon Road in Ikoyi – Lagos. It is Cadwell’s response to the new range of ‘ultra-luxury’ developments along the Bourdillon – Alexander – Gerrard Road stretch in Ikoyi.

Though it was conceptualized many years prior, construction commenced during Q4:2016 with Trevi on the foundation and Cappa & D’alberto as the Main Contractors. The tower, now on its 9th floor, has steadily emerged from behind its small showroom and is now visible from many parts of Ikoyi and Victoria Island. It is a few doors from 4 Bourdillon, which is nearing completion and not too far from the Belmonte PRIV, which was recently topped out.

Though standing at a similar height to the 25-floor 4 Bourdillon project, Cuddle will have only 18 floors, a testament to the high ceilings that Cadwell is known for. The project will offer a selection of 3-4 bedroom flats and maisonettes from the 1st to the 8th floor and penthouses from the 11th to the 18th floor. The 9th floor is reserved for what Cadwell is calling a ‘Leisure Lane’ that will offer amenities such as a gym, sauna, clubhouse and more.

Designed by Pieach, one of Cadwell’s go-to consultants, Cuddle’s external facade follows the signature Italian stone design and finish. Internally, however, the design team will incorporate an array of finish options, outlined below as stated by the developer, to appeal to a wider market.

The Classic Finish

Embellished wall frieze, wood-paneled walls, fancy POP ceiling with crystal effect spotlights and beaconing chandeliers. Flooring in open living areas is laid in precious stone with large doors crafted in transom walnut.

New Classic Finish

This offers a bold, eclectic mix of colors and tones blended to give space its own distinctive aesthetic and ambiance. Prospective buyers have the option of Marble flooring arranged in a diamond pattern featured throughout the living, drawing and dining rooms in contrast with Pop with intricate cornice designs or traditional wood flooring.

Modern Finish

The more modern finish includes a ‘rich’ blend of sophisticated natural colorings of stand and stone tones featuring glass and wood that creates an illusion of space and natural light. It will feature clean straight lines of POP ceilings, walls and marble or parquet, blending into large bright white doors.

Despite the large and growing stock of luxury properties in Ikoyi, many of which are unoccupied, new developments such as 4 Bourdillon, Cuddle, Belmonte PRIV, Whitestone Apartments and more recently Twin Rock are still being launched. Each have starting prices north of $1m and aims to ‘redefine the existing standard of luxury’ in the city. Though many of the projects are able to find buyers, the difficulty with projects of this scale is resale without a loss or reasonable rental income. 


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