No. 4 Bourdillon, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

4 Bourdillon road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

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41 Apartments




Joint Venture between Kaizen Properties and El-Alan

Main Contractor

Elalan Construction Services

Project Managers

Structural Engineers


Design Group Nigeria

Electrical Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Sub Contractor

Quantity Surveyors

In late 2015, preliminary site work began on a 25-floor luxury residential development in Ikoyi named No. 4 Bourdillon. Located on the corner of Bourdillon and Thompson Road, this building should stand as one of the tallest residential towers in Lagos. Piling work commenced in November 2015 and they were completed by April 2016, at which point over 200 piles had been installed. The building was completed in early 2020.

The project is by Kaizen Properties (a member of TGI Group, which amongst others owns CHI Ltd) and El-Alan Group. El-Alan will also be acting as the main contractors while and Design Group is the architect.

Inbuilt facilities include a tennis court, swimming pool, gym, leisure and entertainment spots, multi-purpose club room, underground parking and decorative water features. Innovative building designs that adopt environmental passive strategies such as natural daylight and cross ventilation to save energy are also being promised.

Inside No. 4 Bouridllon, there are 510sqm 3-bed apartments, 584sqm 4-bed apartments, 969sqm 4-bed duplex apartments as well as 967sqm and 1,137sqm 4-bed penthouse apartments. Each will have wrap-around balconies that provide great views. Take an inside look into the 4 Bourdillon, in Ikoyi, Lagos here.

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