The FlagHouse, Abuja-FCT, Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja Technology Village, Abuja-FCT, Abuja, Nigeria

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Canji Projects , Abuja Technology Village FZE

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Ehrlich Architects (Now EYRC)

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This is a Broker sponsored post compiled by Cushman & Wakefield Excellerate and International Real Estate Partners (IREP).

The FlagHouse development located in the mixed-use neighbourhood of Abuja Technology Village (ATV) is driven by Abuja Technology Village. It will be one of the first commercial developments to kick off at the ATV, which serves as a free zone area developed as a Science and Technology Park with Special Economic Zone advantages.

Abuja Technology Village is planned to become one of Nigeria’s smart cities incorporating a live, work, play environment for technology-based businesses to function. The city directly faces the airport road and is in proximity to prominent sites such as the Hilton Sheraton hotel, University of Abuja, Central Business District and the African University of Science and Technology. The two-wing development aims at providing approximately 10,760mof leasable office space, which will be spread out across 7 and 6 floors respectively. It was designed by EYRC and is expected to attain a gold LEED rating making it a sustainable development. The ground floor was also designed to accommodate both restaurants and retail spaces while parking is confined to a subterranean structure.

The Flaghouse is currently open for inquiries from prospective tenants.

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