Protea Hotels rebrands to ‘Protea Hotels by Marriott’

Earlier this week, Marriott International announced that Protea Hotels will be rebranding and will officially be known as ‘Protea Hotels by Marriott’ moving forward. This rebranding effort will help the hotel group capitalize on the travel aspirations of Africa’s growing middle class and the increased presence of international hotel brands in Africa. The rebranding includes an updated and modernized logo and the “by Marriott” endorsement.

Marriott acquired in Protea Hotels in 2014, in a bid to grow its Africa footprint. In Q1:2016, Protea Hotels signed contracts for the development of two new hotels in Uganda, Protea Hotel Naguru Skyz (141 rooms) and the Protea Hotel Pinnacle (105 rooms) which are both situated in Kampala’s affluent suburb of Naguru.

Marriott is also on track to acquire Starwood Hotels this year to create the world’s largest hotel company.

The action represents Marriott’s long-term commitment to evolving Protea Hotels from a strong regional player to a globally recognized brand with international appeal by leveraging the power of Marriott.  Additionally, the endorsement should also strengthen Marriott’s awareness in Southern Africa by leveraging Protea Hotels’ strength in the region.

Speaking on the rebranding, Alex Kyriakidis, President and Managing Director Middle East and Africa, Marriott International said:

“Travel to and within Sub Saharan Africa continues to grow at an impressive rate, and Protea Hotels by Marriott® is well positioned to capitalize on and drive this trend…Consumer research conducted in South Africa in 2015 confirms that the endorsement of Protea Hotels by a large, international brand company such as Marriott would elevate brand perception and preference, further supporting the strategic move to endorse the brand.”