Radisson Blu Lagos closed for renovations

The owners of the Radisson Blu Lagos, Anchorage Leisure Limited, have issued a statement expressing the need for an extensive renovation of its facilities, and stating that this planned renovation necessitated the temporary closure of the hotel.  The renovation will cover work on its power generation and cooling systems, as well as other critical facilities of the hotel.  The temporary shut down of business also compelled management to let go of some of its workers.

However, it has also been reported, that the hotel management has been embroiled in a labor union tussle with its staff. Punch Nigeria Newspaper reports that about 450 staff were dismissed, last Sunday, for agitating to join a labor union, particularly after a protest to that effect had been held at the hotel premises, the previous Wednesday.  The official disengagement letters, however, only cite the renovations as the reason for dismissal, while assuring staff that they would be paid approximately N150,000 in severance entitlement, pending necessary clearance procedures.

The hotel’s premises currently remain closed, but protesters have remained in front of the building.

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