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Ranked: The Top Contractors Changing Lagos’ Office Skyline [Infographic]

The amount of office space under construction continues to grow as developers increasingly make bets that the requirements for prime office space in Lagos will rise. Some of the contractors/construction companies helping these developers build their assets have emerged as market leaders and this infographic seeks to illustrate this. Based on available data collected, this infographic ranks the contractors changing Lagos’ office skyline by number of office projects and size of leaseable office space under construction/constructed.

Over the past 5 years buildings like Churchgate 1 & 2, KPMG Tower, Eko Tower, Sapetro Tower, NITEL & Union House have defined Lagos’ office property skyline. New office development projects like the Civic Center Tower, Heritage Place, The Wings and Nestoil Tower among many others coming up across town are beginning to transform the city’s skyline.

The data compiled shows that Cappa & D’Alberto takes the lead in number and total size of projects. Some of their projects include the colossal Wings Towers (27,000), Civic Center Tower (8,096) and Kanti Tower (5,517). Elalan came 2nd in number of projects, some of which include the mixed use Sphere in Victoria Island, Kunoch HQ in Lekki and WAPIC’s HQ in Ikoyi totalling up to c. 16,650sqm. On the other hand, YF Construction’s office projects in Ikoyi and Victoria Island have a combined total 40,000sqm of office space meaning that they took 2nd place in size of projects. Other contractors like ITB are involved with Heritage Place (15,600) as well as Kingsway Tower (c.12,000). See the infographic below for more.

Please note that as new information becomes available the infographic will be updated.

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Projects less than 3,000sqm were not considered.
Though Rose of Sharon has an office component it was not considered because it is predominantly residential.


  1. I like your website. There’s an office tower on Williams street in Lagos Island. I’ve been wanting to know the owner. Do you have any idea? It’s a light-brownish color, up to 12 or more floors. It was built by Julius Berger, and finished about a year or 2 ago. Its Google map coordinates are 6.453499, 3.387484

    1. Hi! Thanks alot for your comment. That’s the Central Bank of Nigeria – Lagos Branch. Let me know if I can help in any other way. 🙂

    2. Hi! Thanks alot for your comment. That’s the Central Bank of Nigeria – Lagos Branch. Let me know if I can help in any other way. 🙂

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