March 2, 2020

Real Estate Investment Opportunities for Young Professionals

Temidayo Seriki

In an economy like Nigeria’s, it has become increasingly difficult for the ‘average man’, especially younger people, to get ahead financially. People tend to believe that they must have made a large amount of money before they can start investing. Many others believe that the investment space is too complicated, volatile and has a high barrier to entry.  Contrary to those beliefs, you no longer need to have Aliko Dangote’s cashflow or Warren Buffet’s investment know how to get ahead and achieve financial freedom. All thanks to technology, industries such as the real estate sector have evolved so much that you no longer need to have to break the bank to participate. In this article, we are going to explore some alternatives investment options for young professionals.

The table below showcases real estate investment options, which young professionals and creatives can take part in. Here are some of those investment options below:


Real Estate Investment Options for Young Professionals


The real estate sector has found a middle ground, which we believe is a good option to maximize returns on investments, especially for young people who will tend to have a lower risk appetite than the veteran investors. These companies use various strategies such as crowdfunding to pull funds together to invest in these real estate projects. For those of you who are curious as to how these options differ from Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT), have a look at the table below to see some differences between REITs and Crowdfunding. 


Differences between crowdfunding and REITs


There are many investment options for young professionals, unfortunately, we could not include all of them in this article but with so many more in the pipeline the future regarding the investment space for the youth, such as WealthTech’s’s Real estate option, which would allow individuals to invest in student housing in Nigeria. It also looks to be the time for young professionals to level the playing field a bit, in a bid catch up to the investment veterans. We hope that this has been able to shed some light on this market which is looking more inclusive and taking a bullish trajectory. How do you think you can partake in this space? Let us know on LinkedIn.

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